“There is nothing more constant than change”

– Heraclitus, 535 BC

Change happens in EMS and healthcare almost daily.

Keeping up, getting ahead and even creating new solutions helps your organization remain relevant, competitive and vibrant. That requires thorough analysis, adaptable operations, effective marketing and continuous leadership development.  We can help.

Since 1988, we have consistently provided our clients with the best advice, information and education available. Let’s connect and discuss your needs in strict confidence and with no obligation.

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Legalized marijuana…a ‘budding’ problem for employers.

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Integrating Paid and Volunteer Staff: Making the Marriage Work

Integrating Paid and Volunteer Staff: Making the Marriage Work

“We need to recruit more volunteers.”  “We need to increase the mandatory number of hours to get these shifts covered.”  “Can someone please cover Friday night?” Questions like these linger in the hallways and meeting rooms of agencies all across the country...

Why choose us for your project?

Unlike other firms who want to fit your service or company into a pre-determined box, we understand that you’re unique.

Our specialty is building upon your existing solid foundation, blending in our 30+ years of national experience to help you craft sustainable local solutions.

Some common questions everyone asks.

“Nothing is so clearly seen as your organization through another’s eyes.”


As my organization looks to grow and improve, when, if ever, should I look to outside help?
  • Could you benefit from an objective, unbiased point of view without the politics or personal agendas?
  • Would you like some help developing a fresh business strategy?
  • Are you having trouble identifying and quantifying your business and personal goals?
  • Do you want to delegate a project that you just don’t have time for?
  • Could you really use some help in important negotiation sessions?
  • Would you like to give your employees and customers an opportunity to share their thoughts freely and confidentially about your company?
  • Do you want some assistance in developing new material or conducting research for a specific project that could stun your competition?
  • Would you rather outsource your training to reduce your overhead costs or to bring in more energized instructors?
  • Could you benefit from expertise that your staff does not have?

If you answered YES to any of these, then working with a consultant could be of great value to you.

What can I expect from working with a consultant?

Once your goals are defined, you can expect that their customary objectives are to:

  • Communicate the desired goals to the organization and set benchmarks
  • Conduct thorough evaluations of your business and personnel
  • Obtain opinion surveys of internal and external clients, vendors, suppliers
  • Analyze and provide you with financial and comparative analysis, funding and budgeting possibilities
  • Study your current market, marketing techniques and give you suggestions for improvement
  • Provide you with straight answers and cost-effective solutions
  • Coach, challenge and mentor you or your management team
  • Consistently review progress and modify plans as challenges arise

Results will be dependent upon how open and receptive your organization is to hearing the consultant’s findings and then implementing some or all of the recommendations.

Certain challenges, or internal or external obstacles, will likely present themselves along the way. An experienced consultant will show flexibility and resourcefulness to ensure the goals remain in focus and are ultimately achieved.

Won’t consultants just tell me what I want to hear?

Reputable consultants want results as much as you.  Their reputation is based on the success they help you achieve.  Reputable advisors won’t sugar coat what they find.   Therefore, they will be honest with you, brutally honest at times, and give you clear, concise objective facts and help implement steps towards achieving your goals.

Aren’t they expensive?

If you view the hiring of a consultant or advisor as an ‘expense’, then candidly, change may be difficult for your company.  If you see hiring a consultant as an ‘investment’ that will provide significant and quantifiable returns for you, then the engagement will be worth your time and energy. 

Consultants and advisors don’t want to waste their time or your money.  They want to do their job efficiently and, if possible, get you the results you desire.  To that end, consultants offer a variety of payment options that typically include hourly/day rates, flat project rates, retainer agreements or equity arrangements. 

Retainer agreements are usually the most beneficial to the client because this sets aside a certain amount of time that can be used for a variety of issues as the project evolves. 

Another option, working on a contingency basis, allows some of the fees to be paid at agreed upon benchmarks and then the balance at the end of a successful engagement. 

This unique offering is sometimes considered by consultants/advisors that are very comfortable with your willingness to work with them as well as their ability to help make significant progress.   In most of these arrangements, the majority of the fees are paid at the end or over time and often are based on a percentage of the new money or new savings that have been created with the consultant’s advice.

How do I know I’m working with the right consultant for me and my company?

Ask for a reference list first.  Then call their clients and customers.  Get a feel for a how they approach engagements and the results they achieved.  The more comfortable you are with the answers of the clients, and the meeting with the consultant or advisors themselves, the better off you’ll be. 

Bob Holdsworth

Entrepreneur | Author | Marketer | Strategist | Speaker | Catalyst | Paramedic 

Bob is a veteran paramedic, entrepreneur and founder of The Holdsworth Group, an international consulting firm that has been providing marketing, strategic planning and executive coaching services to clients in the EMS, healthcare, government and thirty other industries since 1988.

His very diverse work history includes news reporter, on-air disc jockey, unit manager for three large national food service corporations, 4½ years in prison…as a corrections officer in a maximum-security facility.

His 40-year career in EMS includes serving as an EMT, paramedic as well as executive leadership positions in several for-profit, non-profit and hospital-based organizations.

In 2013, Bob earned the title of best-selling author based on his #1 Amazon.com HOT Release EMS book: Wading Into Chaos: Inside the Life of a Paramedic.

He is also a co-author of Secrets of Peak Performers: Wealth Creating Strategies from the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs.

A sought-after speaker, he has had the privilege of presenting to numerous regional, state and national conference audiences and has been honored as a biographee in Who’s Who in Healthcare and Who’s Who in the World.

He is a very happily married husband, the dad of two awesome twin boys, a dangerously bad golfer, an avid reader and is severely allergic to neckties!


Thank you again for your time and expertise today. Your willingness to take time out of your busy schedule to meet with the Town Manager, Finance Director, and me is very appreciated and is a testament to the caliber of your organization. I speak with your staff on the phone frequently and I always find them to be cheerful and ready to assist with whatever I need–no matter their workload. On several occasions, I’ve been asked by my boss–last minute–for data, and your staff always comes through and exceeds my expectations. One of the hallmarks of a great organization is leaving the client with a “Wow!” reaction to customer service. I’m always left with that reaction when I deal with The Holdsworth Group.

Marc A. Scrivener

Fire Chief, City of Willimantic

I would like to express my deepest thanks for all your assistance over the years. It has been a pleasure to work with the Holdsworth Group over the last 6 years.

Dennis Guay

Windsor Ambulance

Thank You very much.  That was a great program by the way.  I would like to take the full 8 hours sometime.  I have been an administrator since 1989 and this was by far, the BEST economics breakdown I have ever attended.  Look forward to seeing you at a future seminar.

Frank Torres

Seminar Attendee

The Holdsworth Group was a tremendously valuable asset during the formation of my company.  Bob and his team went above and beyond, and helped with all aspects, which included business plan advice, suggestions for our website, outlines for our social media marketing campaigns, traditional marketing materials, corporate policies and procedures, and even product guidance.  I was amazed at the width and depth of their knowledge across all aspects of my business.  The Holdsworth Group continues to provide my company with vital components required for overall success.  I HIGHLY recommend their services.

Tom DeRosa

CEO, Talon Rescue, www.talonrescue.com

Wading Into Chaos – Inside the Life of a Paramedic


A glimpse into the Life of a Paramedic

Paramedics and EMTs are the front line of the world’s emergency medical system and serve as eyewitnesses to some of life’s most precious and equally most tragic moments.

WADING INTO CHAOS, written by a veteran paramedic (Bob Holdsworth), gives you a first hand, real life glimpse inside the chaotic world of Emergency Medical Services. Ride along and experience the emotions, the frustration, the sadness and the dark humor that accompanies responding to fatal car crashes, 14-year-old suicides, inner city gang violence, train accidents, med-e-vac helicopter landings, and the forgotten elderly who just need someone to talk to.

Randy Mantooth and Bob with Randy’s copy of Wading into Chaos

What Readers Think



Bob…I love the layout, the chapter titles and the ease of reading…My wife loved it too and wants to read it…and was impressed with the bond between you and your family.  

Abdullah Rehayem

Former Director, Massachusetts OEMS

An incredible walk through your experiences and lessons, and I could certainly identify with the strains put on personal relationships, family and friends all in the name of caring for others. A recommended read for anyone and everyone who has found a calling in putting others first, the risks it takes to do so, (which most folks never understand) and the irresistible pull on the heart that EMS brings to ones life. Thank you Bob…

Glad to see someone sharing what we see… January 7, 2013


 just finished reading your book. As a former military medic, a 30+ year law enforcement career and EMT, I can say that your “kiss and tell” book is an exceptional read for both the curious and the seasoned Medic



I just finished reading your book. Great stuff!
I have been working in EMS since 1978 (and have been a paramedic since 1980). Your stories bring a lot of those memories you talked about rushing back in my collective memory. I work for a rural service in Central Missouri and I haven’t been involved with “Gun and Knife Clubs” like my colleagues in the cities but I have seen my share of action and can relate to many of the same stories you wrote about. I also have 2 sons, one is 32 and the other is 30 and like you, I wish I had spent more time with them while they were young. EMS is indeed hard on marriages and interpersonal relationships. I have been very lucky to have a wife, my best friend stand by me through thick and thin for the last nearly 34 years. There were trying times but she has been my rock and she has steered me toward keeping some balance in my life.
Thanks for your service to your community and EMS. And thank you for writing an excellent book!

Charles P.

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