It’s Monday… again.  You walk into your office and toss your uneaten gas station bagel on the desk next to the now lukewarm coffee you didn’t get to drink because you were taking a bunch of calls in bumper-to-bumper traffic for the last 45 minutes.

As you take that first sip of coffee, you take a few minutes to review the week ahead, yep it’s ugly … again … and more of the same.

Another meeting with the mayor’s office to discuss ‘response issues’, a meeting with your management team to discuss staffing shortages and the poor response to the recruiting campaign, another budget meeting to look at possible cuts and a staff meeting that will rehash the same grievances as last month.  Not to mention the new stack of incident reports sitting on your desk from the weekend.

So, you hit the bathroom, splash some cold water on your face and when you look up, you see a very tired, stressed, overworked, unhealthy, older looking person that you don’t recognize and sigh…

This sucks! Things have got to change!

Does it feel like your organization is stuck?

Does it seem like everyone around you has lost his or her sense of direction or focus?  Can you feel your competitive edge and sense of team spirit slipping away?

Are you sick and tired of going around in circles dealing with the same issues over and over? 

Found yourself muttering “this isn’t fun anymore!”

You’re not alone.

Over time almost every organization begins to ‘settle in’, get comfortable, do things a certain way ‘because that’s how we’ve always done it’.

Morale drops, people leave, frustration grows, bickering starts and every day the general feeling grows that things had better change around here and fast.

But … nothing happens. No one is quite sure what to do or who’s responsible.  The cycle keeps going and soon things are spiraling out of control.

I’m willing to bet that you could benefit from a fresh set of eyes, some unbiased, non-sugar coated and straightforward advice and actually taking a time out to step back and answer some tough questions about where the organization is headed.  In short, you’re probably ready to take some time to review, refocus and RESET the organization for success.


We have the answer.

It’s a process that we call: Hit the RESET Button.

The process works.  This is NOT a cute name for a seminar or a one-week pep talk series.  It is a process that creates a cultural shift in the organization that is based on everyone’s internal need to be challenged, the desire to be part of something positive and the basic need for renewal.

The RESET process starts by conducting a complete Review of your organization, questioning everything.  This means looking at the mission statement, all of the communication channels that exist with employees and other customers, business processes, operations, marketing, recruiting, hiring and other personnel issues and even some of the things ‘that you’ve always done that way’ that might need to be changed.

Then we work with you to help Establish a new or revised direction for the organization and then Set goals and objectives to get you there.

Once agreed upon, your team will Execute the new plan.  This starts by having each team member physically Hit the RESET Button.   Once executed, outdated past practices are blown away and the new alignment of policies and practices take center stage giving the organization a fresh start.

Over the next several months there are moments to Teach, talk, tweak and ultimately transform the organization as the culture changes.

Review and refocus

Establish a clear direction

Set specific and measurable goals

Execute the RESET

Teach, talk, tweak and ultimately transform

As the saying goes:  “if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting.”

Are you ready for a change?

It’s never too late to Hit the RESET Button. 

Click the button below to get started.

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