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Wading Into Chaos – Inside the Life of a Paramedic


A glimpse into the Life of a Paramedic

Paramedics and EMTs are the front line of the world’s emergency medical system and serve as eyewitnesses to some of life’s most precious and equally most tragic moments.

WADING INTO CHAOS, written by a veteran paramedic (Bob Holdsworth), gives you a first hand, real life glimpse inside the chaotic world of Emergency Medical Services. Ride along and experience the emotions, the frustration, the sadness and the dark humor that accompanies responding to fatal car crashes, 14-year-old suicides, inner city gang violence, train accidents, med-e-vac helicopter landings, and the forgotten elderly who just need someone to talk to.

What Readers Think



Bob…I love the layout, the chapter titles and the ease of reading…My wife loved it too and wants to read it…and was impressed with the bond between you and your family.  

Abdullah Rehayem

Former Director, Massachusetts OEMS

An incredible walk through your experiences and lessons, and I could certainly identify with the strains put on personal relationships, family and friends all in the name of caring for others. A recommended read for anyone and everyone who has found a calling in putting others first, the risks it takes to do so, (which most folks never understand) and the irresistible pull on the heart that EMS brings to ones life. Thank you Bob…

Glad to see someone sharing what we see… January 7, 2013


 just finished reading your book. As a former military medic, a 30+ year law enforcement career and EMT, I can say that your “kiss and tell” book is an exceptional read for both the curious and the seasoned Medic



I just finished reading your book. Great stuff!
I have been working in EMS since 1978 (and have been a paramedic since 1980). Your stories bring a lot of those memories you talked about rushing back in my collective memory. I work for a rural service in Central Missouri and I haven’t been involved with “Gun and Knife Clubs” like my colleagues in the cities but I have seen my share of action and can relate to many of the same stories you wrote about. I also have 2 sons, one is 32 and the other is 30 and like you, I wish I had spent more time with them while they were young. EMS is indeed hard on marriages and interpersonal relationships. I have been very lucky to have a wife, my best friend stand by me through thick and thin for the last nearly 34 years. There were trying times but she has been my rock and she has steered me toward keeping some balance in my life.
Thanks for your service to your community and EMS. And thank you for writing an excellent book!

Charles P.

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