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So, how was the first half of this year for you?  Challenges? New competition?  Budget and staff issues?  It is important for all leaders to take time to reflect on what’s going well and what didn’t during the last 12 months.  We all get caught up working IN our agencies instead of working On them.  As the saying goes…“those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”…

I thought I’d compile our Top 10 list of the biggest issues that our clients have reported during the year; the things that got their service into trouble or that prevented them from getting ahead.

10.       Failure to have a plan that goes past next Thursday night’s schedule

9.         An US vs. THEM attitude between leaders and staff or between paid and volunteer personnel

8.         Lack of a consistent marketing / PR / image management mindset at all levels of the agency

7.         No formal leadership development program

6.         Poor relationships with community leaders

5.         Inconsistent funding and a lack of knowledge about revenue sources

4.         Significant staffing / response issues

3.         Poor staff participation and morale that sucks

2.         Not understanding and communicating with the 8 customer groups you serve

1.         Refusal to embrace change

These issues may be plaguing you, your service and your ability to operate at your best…if you are facing any of these, what are you plans to reduce or eliminate them?  The only way to make a change is to take action, can you do it alone or do you need to ask for help?  Actually, if you’re like most of our clients, if you had the time, you’d have fixed the problems by now.  In every case, the clients either didn’t have the time or the in-house resources… is that all that’s holding you back?

We have both Strategic Planning as well as Executive Coaching services available.  If you want to have an ally in your corner, dedicated to helping you and your service grow and succeed in 2017 and beyond, this might be right for you.

All of us here at The Holdsworth Group (www.Holdsworth.com) wish you only the best as you serve your communities with dedication.

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