School Administrators

Services offered:

  • Preparedness
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing and Public Relations (including Crisis Communication)
  • Speaking


In today’s society, lots of things can happen in the workplace.

Emergency Medical situations, Fires, facility Threats from external sources and natural disasters and unfortunately even Violence towards employees and management from external sources as well as disgruntled employees.

Are you adequately prepared? Is your staff aware of your expectations, educated on any policies that you’ve created and TRAINED to act? In many cases, the policies, as well as the education and planning, is required by OSHA. Failure to be pro-active can result in injuries or loss of life as well as costly legal action and fines.

We can help. Our team of experienced EMS, fire and law enforcement professionals will help you assess your facilities, confidentially discuss any weak points, develop any plans that may be required, train you and your staff to take definitive life-saving action and then test your readiness.

Our exclusive T.A.C.T.I.C.S. Program sm

Threat Awareness & Crisis Training In Campus Settings

  • Emergency Plans and Facility Analysis
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • CPR & First Aid training
  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) use training
  • Active shooter response training
  • Bleeding and Mass Casualty Survival
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Narcan Administration Training
  • On-site ‘real life’ readiness response training
  • Crisis Public Relations & Communication
  • Equipment specification and supply

Strategic Planning

In the high stakes, high-pressure world of emergency services, decisions often have life and death consequences.  Because of this, Strategic Planning plays a critical role in 9-1-1 system success.  Planning that involves strategic partners, suppliers, a lot of changing environments and moving parts.

In the business world, failure to have a solid strategic operations plan can mean the loss of revenue, missed opportunities or even the death of your company.

We come from one world but have extensive experience in both. We bring to you the benefit of having had the good fortune to have worked with business owners in 40 different industries. This helps us see your business through a vastly different lens than an ‘industry specific’ consultant who will only compare you to your peers.

“Nothing is seen so clearly as your business through an outsider’s eyes.”

We offer you a clear, unbiased, objective assessment of your existing situation while looking for all of the strategic opportunities that you may not be able to clearly see.

Media Relations/ Crisis Communications

Are you prepared to handle a crisis?

Who, specifically, is officially designated as your Public Information Officer and their back-up?

The time to plan for the inevitable bad day is NOT as the satellite trucks are setting up in your driveway.

Facility emergencies, sickness outbreaks, data breaches, staff or student misconduct, violent events or legal trouble can all trigger a media frenzy. We can help train your PIOs or we can, via contract, serve in the role of Crisis Communicators for you.

Let’s discuss your concerns and formulate a Media Response Plan before you need one.


Are you a meeting planner looking for a timely, interesting and thought-provoking speaker for your next event?

Our speaking engagements are GUARANTEED to get rave reviews from your audience or we’re free. Psst…in 30 years, we’ve never been asked for a refund!

Topics include:

Community Awareness Marketing SM Strategies to massively improve your Marketing and Public Relations impact.

Having trouble garnering support for budgets, participation in school functions or fundraisers? Are you doing interesting and innovative things with your students but getting no news coverage? Crafting congruent messages across all media, social media and grassroots platforms will dramatically increase your results. We will help you get the recognition you deserve.

Additionally, if the media is not interested in your story, perhaps it’s because you’re committing one of the seven deadly public relations sins.

EMERGENCY! Your mission: Survive the first 10 minutes.

Statistics show that the vast majority of emergency situations are over in 10 minutes or less. Your job is to know what to do to save yourself and others until additional rescuers arrive.

This session is presented by veteran emergency service personnel, and will give you tools that you can put to use immediately that may literally save your life.

It’s Over…Now What? What happens to me when the adrenaline wears off?

Handling an emergency situation is tough, but the adrenaline is flowing and you ‘just do’ what your instinct and training tells you. Regardless of outcome, you will experience a crash and both emotional and physical symptoms of critical incident stress.

Knowing how to spot the signs, in yourself and your colleagues, as well as being prepared to handle them the best you can is crucial to your long term wellbeing.

This session is taught by veteran emergency service personnel who have been through similar crisis situations and have additional training as Critical Incident Stress debriefing team members.

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