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According to research, 87% of all emergency medical service agencies do not market or promote themselves effectively.

  • Are you having trouble getting community support for things like expanded services, budget approval or capital projects?
  • Are you suddenly facing competition that was never there before…and they’re winning?
  • Do you have a designated and properly trained Public Information Officer ready to handle the media during a major event or agency crisis?

It’s probably not your service…it’s your marketing!

In today’s fast paced, media driven world, if you are not actively creating opportunities to interact with your customer groups and the media, you are not going to get the visibility and support that you need.

The people that you serve need to understand and be aware of our response statistics, budget issues, staffing issues, levels of service, how to get their bill paid, scheduled community events as well as training classes and helpful safety tips.  They won’t, unless YOU tell them.  You can and should find a reason to communicate with your eight (8) community customer groups every month…at least.

Remember, you’re only as good as THEY think you are and if you’re not creating … and managing … your image, someone else will.

It is critical that all of your agency branding, social media, websites, written brochures, recruiting material and other communication be in sync.  

Having outdated, inconsistent or inaccurate web content or marketing material screams to your community that you are not as professional as you could or should be.  

Some ways we can help:

  • Website content creation
  • Newsletters and corporate branding
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Public Information Officer training
  • Crisis media management services
  • Done-for-you marketing services

We need to be more visible in our community.

I’d like to set up a complimentary discussion about our situation.

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