Our Services:

  • Strategic business development consulting
  • Marketing and Public Relations (including Crisis Communication)
  • Improving client experience
  • New product / idea development
  • Executive Coaching / Leadership development
  • Medical transportation contracting
  • Speaking

The words “the healthcare system is undergoing a transformation” would be scoffed at as an understatement by those of us in it.

Mergers, acquisitions, managed care, ACA impacts, legal issues and compliance each create headaches and unprecedented opportunities. 

Managing a healthcare organization is getting tougher every day.  Decisions about operations, organizational structure, business development and marketing, improving throughput, enhancing the client experience, emergency preparedness and leadership development are difficult and, if not done right, costly. 

Bringing in an experienced but objective outsider to take an unbiased look at how you are currently doing things, with an eye on the future, is an invaluable tool. 

Often changing the culture is an important starting point, developing a newfound sense of teamwork and enhancing the communication between leadership and the rest of the team.  

Over time almost every organization begins to ‘settle in’, get comfortable, do things a certain way ‘because that’s how we’ve always done it’

Morale drops, people leave, frustration grows, bickering starts and every day the general feeling grows that things had better change around here and fast.

But … nothing happens. No one is quite sure what to do or who’s responsible.  The cycle keeps going and soon things are spiraling out of control.

I’m willing to bet that you could benefit from a fresh set of eyes, some unbiased, non-sugar coated and straightforward advice and actually taking a time out to step back and answer some tough questions about where the organization is headed. 

In short, you’re probably ready to take some time to review, refocus and RESET the organization for success. 

We offer you a team with ‘in the trenches’ experience that includes working with state health departments, hospitals, medical clinics, independent practitioners, massage therapists, dentists, chiropractors as well as EMS, case managers, discharge planners and transport departments.

Let’s have a confidential conversation to see if working together makes sense.

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