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Executive Coaching

Did you know that if you looked closely at the most successful people in any sport, industry or entertainment genre they all have something in common?   They all have a ‘secret weapon’ that they use to their advantage in building both their careers and their companies.

Would you like to know what it is?  They all have a coach.  Now coaches go by a lot of different names, mentor, coach, trainer, consultant…even therapist. 

Regardless of the name, the common theme is that they have someone, in their corner, working with and for them to help give them an edge and hold them accountable to grow, to develop and to ultimately be successful.   

Who’s helping you?

Sometimes as a leader you just need to talk with an objective sounding board who’s been in your shoes.  You want to have a ‘secret weapon’ on call that can be deployed

You need help exploring and talking through ideas, you want objective and unbiased input on issues facing your career or your agency.

It’s hard to talk to a spouse or significant other and get objective answers.   You certainly can’t talk to co-workers or competitors for the obvious reasons.

You know, Bob I might just benefit from having a secret weapon in my corner.

Lets talk about how coaching might help me. 

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