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Ambulance Consulting: EMS Funding & Ambulance Funding

EMS Funding, EMS Grants, EMS Billing & ALS Bundle Billing

EMS Funding & Ambulance Funding is getting tougher every year.  Insurance fee schedules, audits, software changes, rate reduction, disappearing governmental subsidies and decreasing returns on annual appeals and subscription programs.

All of this in the face of increased expectations of our communities from terrorism readiness to an aging population that relies on the 911 system as it’s healthcare safety net.


Implementing ALS Bundle Billing

If you are served by paramedics that ‘intercept’ your ambulances or if you’re operating a paramedic service and your BLS agencies want to be able to recover monies to pay you…we can help.   Members of our staff assisted in crafting the original legislation way back in 1996 that made bundle billing legal.  We understand the nuances and can help you get craft the agreements to properly collect the reimbursement needed and available to fund your system.

Reimbursement Management /Billing and Collections - Get the highest collection rates for your EMS service or Fire department!

We offer a comprehensive approach to reimbursement.  There are ‘billing services’ and then there’s us.  We give you an advantage…in depth industry knowledge that can help you manage your service better and enjoy better reimbursement returns.

Fact: Virtually none of the EMS billing firms are run by experienced EMS consultants with a 30 year history of successful reimbursement operations.

30 years… ZERO issues with Medicare, Medicaid or any other insurance audits!

That’s a record that can help you outsource your billing and sleep peacefully at night knowing your funds are being handled safely.

Beginning in 1988, we’re the first and oldest billing firm in Connecticut processing claims for 31% of all of the services in the state that bill with a client retention rate of 93%.  We keep our clients happy and they stay with us because of it.  We’ve also had the privilege of advising clients in 15 other states on reimbursement issues.  Put this experience to work for you…

If you’re not in one of our currently available states you can still use our award winning patient services web portal to help you communicate with your patients 24/7/365.

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EMS Funding, Fire Department funding, EMS Grants, EMS Billing & ALS Bundle Billing