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‘HOT Response’ doesn’t always mean lights and siren

responding to ems calls in hot weather As the summer season begins, our thoughts gravitate toward sunny days and outings to the beach. For those of us in EMS, our mind set has to shift away from cold and winter related  injuries and illness to the hazards of summer.

People suffer heat-related illnesses when their bodies are unable to compensate and properly cool themselves. The body normally cools itself by sweating. But under some conditions, sweating just isn’t enough. In such cases, a person’s body temperature rises rapidly. Very high body temperatures may damage the brain or other vital organs.

These hot summer months can have a devastating effect on the elderly populations, classified as those people who are aged 65 years and older. Several factors come into play as our older residents deal with the heat; Read More→

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The Safety of a Car Seat

Car Seat Safety During a recent response to a motor vehicle collision I came to truly appreciate the value of a well made and properly installed car seat. The vehicle the infant was riding in, a smaller compact car, which was struck at moderate speed, in the left rear door by an older model full size car. The smaller car suffered extensive damage. The passenger compartment was invaded by almost 2 feet. Upon our arrival the baby was safely resting in his mother’s arms.  The car seat was on the ground next to the car, it was undamaged.

After an initial assessment the infant was uninjured. He did however appear to be somewhat dazed by the entire ordeal. His parents requested that our patient be transported to a  local pediatric emergency department for evaluation. I am happy to report that the child was completely unharmed. The patient was very amused and Read More→