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Strategic Planning

New competition, new regulations, new markets, opportunities for growth and expansion, the need to properly downsize, or just a need to regroup and become more efficient and effective…regardless of the situation you’re facing, the key to success is proper strategic planning.

A good planning process starts with an objective analysis of your current issues, strengths and weaknesses. An unbiased, experienced set of new eyes can be just what’s needed to help you eliminate the roadblocks to success.

A good strategic plan looks ahead several years, outlines a process that can be clearly understood, adopted by most and followed towards the identified goals.

If your current planning process only gets you to about the middle of next month and you’re constantly putting out one fire after the other … there really is a better way.

Typically, when a new client calls for the first time,

they are in one of three situations:

Situation #1:

The organization is growing quickly and is experiencing ‘growing pains’… new people, new leadership, new markets and not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Situation #2:

The organization is stable, it’s running on a day-to-day basis but everyone agrees that “We’re STUCK”.  There is a disconnect between management and staff, ongoing communications issues, morale problems and/or the threat of funding problems.

Situation #3:

The organization is hanging on by a thread…response issues, staffing gaps, budget problems, community relations issues are threatening to destroy the service.

It doesn’t matter where you are today…contact us, and we can discuss your situation in strict confidence and together we can craft a solid strategic plan to get you Unstuck and back on track.

Yep, we need to talk.

We need a plan… yesterday.

I’d like to set up a complimentary discussion about our situation.

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