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Looking for some fresh topics for your programs?

Book a speaker that will actually captivate your audience, provide them information in an entertaining way, that will leave them with creative learn-today, use-tomorrow ideas.

Having spoken to groups all over the country, we guarantee that our workshops and seminars are engaging, interactive and fun.

BUT, we’re only available for a limited number of live speaking events each year. Most topics are available as breakout or keynote sessions.

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Integrating Paid and Volunteer Personnel: Making the Marriage Work

‘Combination’ departments are becoming more the rule than the exception. If your organization has an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ morale problem, then we can help bring the two different mindsets together to understand and focus on a common goal. You’ll learn how to refocus on your clients and community instead of each other and how to tighten up your policies while enhancing teamwork. Even if you’re living with an integration gone horribly wrong, we’ll teach you The 10 Commandments of a Successful Integration and how to get back on the right track.

Survival Marketing:  52 Proven Ways to Market your EMS Service or Fire Department and get the recognition you deserve.

90% of all fire departments and emergency medical service agencies do a horrible job of marketing and promoting themselves.

Marketing is not just for other types of businesses…marketing your emergency service agency (and then running it well) is now, more than ever, critical to your survival. Learn at least 52 ways to effectively market your agency.  Learn the difference between marketing and public relations.  Participants will develop a basic outline of an agency specific marketing plan including objective, target, message, media, budget and resources.

Wanted: Public Information Officer (PIO)

Learn how to be a dynamic spokesperson for your department and cultivate positive media contacts.  This fun filled program includes principles of getting PR, cultivating media relations, drafting a media release, overview of types of media and how to meet the different needs of each to get either ink or air. We will also discuss why developing positive media relations in advance can be invaluable during times of crisis.

Note: This program is available as a half-day, pre-conference program.  The longer format allows us to include a video-taped ‘mock’ press conference so that participants can work on their press conference skills.

Public Perception: You’re only as good as THEY think you are.

Cultivating a positive community image with all 8 client groups.

Every time you meet with the public, a client or patient, that interaction is a reflection of your organization. It’s an opportunity to enhance (or damage) your company’s image and potentially boost (or damage) your bottom line. If you don’t control your image, others will, and the reality is that regardless of how hard you work at it…you’re only as good as they think you are.  Learn the 8 client groups EVERY emergency service agency serves, the important differences between customers and clients.  Learn strategies and techniques that will strengthen the relationships you have inside and outside your agency and develop a more positive image within your community.

Wading Into Chaos

Presenter Bob Holdsworth, EMT-P,  Author of Wading Into Chaos: Inside the Life of a Paramedic

How to have a great career in EMS and have a life too!

In emergency services it’s commonplace for us to put the job first and everything else after that.

After 37 years and a lot of mistakes, paramedic, entrepreneur and author Bob Holdsworth will share his insights about how to reverse this foolhardy and life damaging trend.  The only time that the job should come first is when you’re on-duty or on-call.

Bob will guide participants through a very pointed Level of Chaos© self-assessment designed to highlight potential problem areas that will impact their life, health, relationships and career longevity.


  • Learn to spot potential dangers in your own life.
  • Learn the principle of TIME CONTROL
  • Learn to take proven steps for surviving the chaos, enjoying life and having a great career.
  • Explore and discuss Bob’s seven rules for living life on your own terms:
  1. Priority one…family first.
  2. Define your career path, then watch out for bright shiny objects
  3. Time off…it’s a must.   Balancing overtime vs. overload
  4. Learn how to talk and more importantly how to listen to loved ones.
  5. Bulletproof your relationship…temptation is all around you.
  6. Pick your friends carefully.  Some are toxic….let them go.
  7. EAP is not for wimps … dealing with the ‘marks’…

Who We’ve Spoken For:

  • American Lung Association of CT
  • Arrowhead EMS Association
  • Capital Community Technical College
  • Connecticut Business & Industry Association
  • Connecticut Career Chiefs Association
  • Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
  • Connecticut Fire Academy
  • Connecticut Safe Kids
  • CT EMS Conference
  • Eastern Connecticut EMS Council
  • EMMCO West Conference
  • EMS Expo
  • Estee Lauder Corporation (Gerber Scientific Corporation)
  • INC Magazine
  • International Critical Incident Stress Foundation
  • Interphase Conference ­ Canada
  • Kiwanis Club
  • May, Bonee & Walsh
  • Minnesota Ambulance Association
  • Mobile Medical Corporation
  • National Association of Search and Rescue
  • New England CISM Conference
  • New Jersey Burn Treatment Conference
  • New Jersey First Aid Council
  • Northwest Connecticut EMS Council
  • Pediatric Allergy Associates
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Public Risk Management Association
  • Rotary Club
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Alliance
  • State of Colorado Office of EMS
  • State of Delaware Office of EMS
  • State of New Hampshire Office of EMS
  • Sweetsoft Computer Services
  • Trumpf Manufacturing
  • University of North Dakota-EMS Conference
  • U.S. Civil Air Patrol – CT Wing
  • U.S. Navy Submarine Base – Groton, CT
  • Webster Bank
  • West Virginia EMS Conference
  • Wisconsin EMT Association
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